Anthranilic Acid Suppliers

Anthranilic Acid is a chemical compound that is used for the production of dyes, saccharin, and pigments. Moreover, it also plays an important role in the formation of perfumes. We are a leading manufacturer of Anthranilic Acid in India and our product is supplied to various verticals of the globe. Also, we use pure ingredients and raw materials to build the product. Based on the requirement of the customers, we are offering the chemical compound in various packaging. Also, our product is widely being used and appreciated across the world because of its originality. Moreover being the leading supplier, trader and exporter in India, USA, Canada and China, we always take care of the quality of our product.

    Some other names
  • Anthranilic acid o-Aminobenzoic acid
  • 2-Aminobenzoic acid
  • Vitamin L1
  • Anthranilate (conjugate base)
  • 2-AA, 2AA, AA
Anthranilic Acid

Use of Anthranilic Acid

Having versatile features, the product is used in a wide range. Some of its applications are





Why Choose The Product

Its physical appearance is bright pale yellow xlline powder. Also, the chemical compound is soluble in NaOH solution. Basically, the checmical compound is an aromatic acid having chemical formula C6H4(NH2)(CO2H). It has sweetish taste. Also, the molecules of Anthranilic Acid consist of Benzene ring. Carboxylic acid and amine are the main components of the product and they make it more featured for various purposes. This is the reason Anthranilic Acid is used at a very large scale at Pharma Industries. Also, many leading pharmaceutical brands are associated with us.

Because of offering quality product, we have magnificent presence in USA, Canada and China. We are the leading supplier for these countries. Whenever you will look for best Anthranilic Acid supplier in China, USA and Canada, we will be the exclusive name.

We have experts who develop the products with proper precautions and safety. Our continuous effort and quality of work has made us the foremost exporter of Anthranilic Acid in India, and we always ensure on time quality delivery.

Anthranilic Acid Features

Free flowing dry powder
00.15% of free acidity as HCl
Very less moisture content
CAS NO. 118-92-3
M.W. 137
Empirical Formula C7H7O2N
Form Supplied Dry Powder
Purity Minimum 98%
Melting Point 144o - 146o C
Appearance Light Yellow Dry Powder
Packing 25 Kgs. H. D. P. E. Bags With Inside Polythene Liner.
Purity By Nitrite Value  98.50%
Moisture Content 00.1% Maximum
Ash Content 00.25%
Chloride AS Cl- 00.15%
Sulphate AS SO4-2 00.10%
Insolubles In Soda Ash 00.05%
Free Acidity AS HCl 00.15%
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